Behavioral Counseling Services is aiming to better the lives of children that are At-risk or Orphaned.  Being a part of our program will let you reap the rewards of helping out young men succeed in life. We are no ordinary group home for boys. We are a life skill and independent living training program based out of Tempe, Az. Our philosophy is simple; If one fails, we all fail. But, success is the only story we are focused on. We want all our Youth to create goals and aspirations and be able to experience those goals while living here, not just talk about them. Whether it be photography, music, sports, or even Armed Forces, the Big Brothers in our organization help assist these young men into achieving these goals.

A MESSAGE TO THE INCOMING YOUTH: There are no boundaries when it comes to reaching our goals at Behavioral Counseling Services. So, if you think you are coming here to live some ordinary life, think again!!! It’s time to do all those things you only dreamed about. And you have nine other fellow members to hold you accountable.